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Know About Firozabad, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Firozabad with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking in Firozabad

Know About Firozabad City, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Firozabad with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking


Know about Firozabad City:

The ancient name of this town was Chandwar nager. The name of Firozabad was given in the regime of Akbar by Firoz Shah Mansab Dar in 1566. They say that Raja Todarmal was passing through this town , pilgrimage to Gaya. He was looted by robbers. At his request , Akbar the great send his Mansab Dar Firoz Shah here . He landed near or about Datauji, Rasoolpur, Mohammadpur Gajmalpur, Sukhmalpur Nizamabad, Prempur Raipura. The tomb of Firoz Shah and ruins of Katra Pathanan are the evidences of this fact.

Mr. Peter, who was the businessman , related to East India Company visited on 9 August 1632 and found the town in good condition. It is written in the gazetteer of Agra and Mathura in 1596 Firozabad was upgraded in a Pargana . Firozabad was bestowed to Nabab Sadulla as jagir , in the regime of Shahjahan . Jahangir ruled since 1605 to 1627 . Etawah, Budaun, Mainpuri, Firozabad were under first class mansabdar of emperor Farrukhsiar.
Bajirao peshwa looted Firozabad and Etmadpur in 1737 in the regime of Mohammad Shah . Jats of Mahawan attacked Faujdar Hakim Kajim at Firozabad and killed him in 9 May 1739. Jats ruled Firozabad for 30 years.


Places to visit in Firozabad By Hire cab with MrCabby:


  • Shri Hanuman Temple

    This temple was established in the form of a monastery by Shri Bajirao Peshwa II during the Maratha rule, about 0.5 km from Firozabad. Here is the footprint of the 19th Century’s glorious Mahatma Vava Prayagadas.


  • Kotla Fort

    According to the 1884 Gazetteer, about 12 kilometers from Hirangaon-Firozabad, Kotla’s fort, whose ditch is 20 feet, 14 feet deep, 40 feet high is shown, the plot of land was 284 feet north 220 feet south and 320 feet east and 480 feet west. At present, this fort has become abandoned,but still its ancestors are seen.


  • Sofi Sahab Mazar

    About 15 km away from Hirangaon, Firozabad, on the banks of the Yamuna, is the Makvara of Sufi Shahe, where there is a fair every year and there is also Urhassa on the Sufi Shah’s mazar at the above site, there are people in the fair from the Muslim and Hindu reverence of the city.


  • Chandravar Gate

    Chandravar Gate falls under Ferozabad district. Here the war of Muhammad Ghori and Jayachand was fought, Chandravara was fired on the Yamuna coast, 5 kilometers away from Ferozabad town. At present Chandravara was once an important and prosperous city, in which some Jain scholars believed that this land was ruled by Lord Krishna’s father Vasudeva. It is said that Chandraseen was founded by Chandra Var town. In the book Bahubali Charit written by Dhanapal in 1392 AD or 1397 AD , details of Sambhari Rai, Sarang Narendra, Abhay Chandra and Ramchandra Rajo of Chandravar get details.


  • Jain Mandir

    The Jain temple was founded by Late Seth Chhami Dami Lal Jain. In the temple hall, the beautiful statue of Lord Mahavir ji is established in the currency of Padmasana, in this beautiful and huge temple, on May 2, 1976, 45 feet long and 12 feet width statue of Lord Vahuvali Swami has been established .The idol has a total weight of 130 Ton. It is the first of India and the fifth largest statue in the country and Chandraprabha Beautiful statue of the ground is also established.From the whole of India, the Jain Mantrali Dasmunshi Mahavir keeps coming in the number of thousands of devotees every month for observing Digambar Jain temple.


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