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Know About Bahraich, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Bahraich with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking in Bahraich

Know About Bahraich

Know About Bahraich City, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Bahraich with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking


Know about Bahraich City:

The dense forests and fast-flowing rivers are the specialities of district Bahraich. There are many Mythological facts about the great historical value of district Bahraich. It was famous as the Capital of God Brahma, the maker of the universe. It was also known as part of Gandharva Forest. Even today Northeast area of several hundred square Kms of the district is covered by the forest. It is said that Brahma ji developed this forest-covered area as the place of worship for Rishis & Sadhus. Therefore this place come to known as ” Bahraich”

According to some other historians in the middle age this place was the capital of “Bhar” dynasty. Therefore it was called as “Bharaich”. Which later come to be known as “Bahraich”.


Places to visit in Bahraich By Hire cab with MrCabby:


  • Dargah Sharif

    Hazrat Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud, a famous eleventh century Islamic saint and soldier. His Dargah is a place for reverence for Muslims and Hindus alike. It was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. It is believed that people taking bath in the water of this Dargah become free of all skin diseases. The annual festival (Urs) at the Dargah is attended by thousands of people coming from far-off places of the country.


  • Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Upper Gangetic plain in Uttar Pradesh, India and covers an area of 400.6 km2 (154.7 sq mi) in the Terai of the Bahraich district. In 1987, it was brought under the purview of the ‘Project Tiger’, and together with the Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dudhwa National Park it forms the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. It was established in 1975. The Katarniaghat Forest provides strategic connectivity between tiger habitats of Dudhwa and Kishanpur in India and the Bardia National Park in Nepal. Its fragile Terai ecosystem comprises a mosaic of sal and teak forests, lush grasslands, numerous swamps and wetlands. It is home to a number of endangered species including gharial, tiger, rhino, Gangetic dolphin, swamp deer, hispid hare, Bengal florican, the white-backed and long-billed vultures.


  • Mari Mata Mandir

    Mari mata’s temple situated on the banks of Saryu river near the Bahraich-Lucknow Highway at the northern end of Bahraich city in UP is a centre of faith for the devotees. In the Navaratri, devotees of rural and urban areas are engaged in worship and prayer in the temple. Besides, on Mondays and Fridays, the crowd rises for worship in the temple. It is believed that whatever the devotee is in his mother’s court in court, his intention is to fulfil his wish.


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