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Know About Azamgarh, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Azamgarh with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking in Azamgarh

Know About Azamgarh

Know About Azamgarh City, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Azamgarh with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking


Know about Azamgarh City:

Azamgarh, one of the easternmost districts of the State, once formed a part of the ancient Kosala kingdom, except the north-eastern part of it which was included in the kingdom of Malla. Kosala figured prominently among the four powerful monarchies of northern India during the time of the Buddha when its Prosperity reached its zenith. The kingdom of Kosala was bounded on the east by the the Ganga and the kingdom of Magadha, on the north-east by the territories of Vriji-Lichchhavis and those of Mallas on the north by the territories of the Sakyas, on the west by Surasena and on the south and south-west by the kingdom of Vatsa with Kausambi as its capital. The district of Azamgarh possesses hardly any remains of much antiquarian value, and of the few that exist neither the origin nor the history are for the most part known.


Places to visit in Azamgarh By Hire cab with MrCabby:


  • Bhawar Nath Temple

    The temple of Devkali is located in the southern direction of district head quarter of Azamgarh and near to the bank of Yamuna river. According to the ancient stories and customs, the temple is related to the 11th century A.D. but by the archeological view it was constructed in 18th century A.D. The temple is basically dedicated to Lord Shiva.



    Mubarakpur is situated in Lat.26 degree 6′ N. and Longitude 83 degree 18′ E. at a distance of 13 km. north-east of the district headquarter. Its original nomenclature is said to have been Qasimabad, and to have fallen into decay before it was resettled, in the name of Raja Mubarak, a Sufi of Manikpur Karaa, by a sheikh landholder. The place is famous for the manufacture of Benarasi saris, which are also very popular and exported to the World. Among the old buildings the temple of Thakurji and mosque of Raja Sahib is situated there.



    It is situated 36 km. from the district headquarter in east-south. The monuments of the fort built by king Haribans and a huge pond are famous here. A religious fair is being organised every year on the ponds named as Madilaha which is 3 km. from tehsil headquarter.


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