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Know About Shravasti, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Shravasti with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking in Shravasti

Know About Shravasti

Know About Shravasti City, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Shravasti with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking


Know about Shravasti City:

History of Shravasti teerth begins with the formation of Janpad’s by Yugadidev Shri Adishwar Prabhu. This place was the capital city of North Kaushal Janpad. Many Jain Kings such as King Jitari, the father of the third Teerthankar Shri Sambhavnath Bhagwan, and others passed here after Bhagwan Adinath. King Prasanjeet ruled this place at the time of Bhagwan Mahaveer. He was a loyal follower of Prabhu Veer. The main listener of Prabhu Veer King of Magadh Samrat Shrenik has wedded the sister of King Parasanjeet. This was also called by the names Kunal Nagari and Chandrikapuri in the old days. Many Jain temples and Stoops (pillars) were present in this city. It is specified in history that greater king Samrat Ashok and his grandson King Samprati also constructed many temples and Stoops at this holy place. This teerth place is also described in “Brihatkalp”. Chinese traveler Fahiyan has also described this holy place in his memories of traveling to India during the 5th century AD. One more Chinese traveler from the 7th century BC, Hun-Yen-Sang, has described this place as Jet van Monastery. Later this was called Manikapuri. This was ruled by King Mayurdhwaj during 900 AD, by King Hansdhwaj during 925 AD, by King Makardhwaj during 950 AD, by King Sudhavadhwaj during 975 AD, and by King Suhridhwaj during 100 AD. All of them were Jain Kings belonging to Bhar Vansh. Dr. Bennet and Dr. Vincent Smith have also specified them as Jain Kings. Work done by King Suhridhwaj for strengthening the religion and defending the temples in his empire from Muslim attacks will always be taken as a great reminder of history.


Places to visit in Shravasti By Hire cab with MrCabby: 


  • Vibhuti Nath Temple

    The district Shravasti with its headquarter Binga is situated in the northern zone of Uttar Pradesh in the Himalayan range, adjacent to the Nepal border. During the Mahabharata period, Pandava spend twelve years in exile and one year concealed place. At the period of exile, they resides sometimes in this forest region called SOHALVA. At that time Bhima initiated to form of a village, so the name of the village was known as Bhimgaon, later on, it became BHINGA. In the Himalayan range, 36 Km north form Bhimgaon, Pandava laid the foundation of a Shiva temple which is famous as VIBHUTI NATH. Thousands of devotees visit the temple every year. During “Sawan” millions of devotee visits the temple for offering their prayer to lord Shiva.


  • Suhaildev Wildlife Sanctuary

    Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary, in the district of Balrampur and Shravasti, close to the Indo-Nepal border, is spread over an area of 452 sq. km. With a buffer zone of 220 sq. km, the Suhaildev Wild Life Sanctuary was established in 1988. Situated on the International Border, this sanctuary is a strip of land, approximately, 120kms long from east to west and 6-8 km wide. In the north are the jungles of Nepal and together they form a situational unit. The wildlife sanctuary encompasses Tulsipur, Barhawa, Bankatwa, Eastern Suhailwa, and Western Suhailwa Range and the Buffer Zone covers Bhaabar and Rampur Ranges. These natural forests have vast natural wealth and biodiversity.


  • Kacchi Kuti

    Kacchi Kuti is one of the significant excavated structures situated inside Mahet and is among the two mounds located in the Mahet area. Kachchi Kuti is situated a few mts. ahead & in the southeast direction of Pakki Kuti. Inscriptions, found on the lower portion of an image of Bodhisatva excavated from this site, reveal that this structure dates back to Kushana Period. Evidence shows that this site has been renovated several times subsequently. The site has been considered to be associated with the Brahmanical temple by some scholars while another group of scholars quoting some Chinese pilgrims Fa-Hien & Hiuen Tsang associate this site with the Stupa of Sudatta (Anathpindika).


  • Pakki Kuti

    Pakki Kuti is one of the largest mounds found in the Mahet area. It has been identified as remains of the stupa of Angulimala as referred to by famous Chinese travellers Fa-Hien & Hiuen Tsang & also by Cunningham while some other scholars relate it to the ruins of ‘Hall of Law’, supposed to have been built by Prasenjit in honor of Lord Buddha. The structure has undergone a number of subsequent alterations and additions. It appears to be a terraced stupa built on a rectangular plan. The supports and drains were provided to the structure as a preventive measure during the time of excavation. The general layout of the structural remains represents constructional activities of different periods, of which the earliest may be assigned to the Kushana Period.


  • Vipassana Meditation Centre, Sravasti

    This meditation center is situated right on State Highway 26, opposite Buddha Inter College, barely a few minute's walk from the Jetavana Archaeological Park. As Jetavana is the place where the Buddha spent more time than anywhere else (24 rain retreats), this center is highly recommended for those who wish to learn meditation, as well as experienced meditators. The center offers Ten-day courses, which are held twice a month. These are fully residential courses, and each course can accommodate about 50 students. Old students of this technique are welcome to attend shorter courses also, which are offered from time to time.


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