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Know About Pilibhit, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Pilibhit with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking in Pilibhit

Know About Pilibhit City, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Pilibhit with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking


Know about Pilibhit City:

In 1801 when Rohilkhand was ceded to the British Pilibhit was a Pargana of The District Of Bareilly, which lost it in 1833, the arrangement being temporary and the tract being again united with Bareilly in 1841. In 1871 was formed the Pilibhit subdivision comprising Jahanabad, Pilibhit and Puranpur which was eventually converted into a separate District in 1879. At the introduction of British rule the parganas of Pilibhit, Jahanabad & Bisalpur were formed into separate Tehsils. Puranpur was united for this purpose with Khutar. A redistribution of the area was affected in 1824, when the Bisalpur Tehsil contained the Parganas of Bisalpur and Maurari, which afterwards become a single area; Jahanabad was joined with Richha to form tehsil Pareva & Pilibhit with Bilheri, the HQ being at Pilibhit. In 1851 Bilheri and the other tarai pargana were taken under direct management and in 1863 Richha was attached to the new Baheri Tehsil, Pargana Jahanabad being assigned to Pilibhit which also received Puranpur on its transfer in 1865. The latter, in 1871, became sub tehsil dependent on Pilibhit. The promotion of Puranpur into a full Tehsil occurred in 1879, while Bisalpur remained a separate subdivision.Thus the area is now divided into three Tehsils and four Parganas. Puranpur & Bisalpur constituting individual Tehsils and Parganas & the Tehsil of Pilibhit comprising the parganas of Pilibhit and Jahanabad. In 2015 two new Tehsil names Kalinagar and Amariya were created.


Places to visit in Pilibhit By Hire cab with MrCabby: 


  • Jama Masjid

    Many big buildings were constructed in the Mughal period. A replica of Jama Masjid, Delhi was built in Pilibhit by Hafiz Rahmat Khan in 1769. Previously there was a pond at this place. Three lakh rupees were spent for the construction of this Masjid at that time. A sun watch is still there in the Jama Masjid. Hafiz Rahmat Khan was the Afghan Rohilla leader whose jagirs or estates included Pilibhit and Bareilly, where he is buried. He became the leader of the Rohilla Afghans in western Avadh, but was killed in a battle against the Nawab of Avadh, assisted by the British forces in 1774. The gateway is built in Mughal style, paying homage to the gateways of the Jama Masjid in Delhi, while the wall around the mosque enclosure shows the curvilinear Bengali roof found in Shahjahan’s additions to the Mughal palace at Agra. Every Friday, a large Muslim population of the city and nearby villages comes to the masjid and performs the prayer in zamat. Due to the dense population around this monument and lack of proper maintenance, the part of the building has been destroyed and part of the land has been constructed. A small market is also held every Tuesday in the Jama Masjid compound. A new Tehsil compound also has come up near to the great Jama Masjid compound.


  • Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

    The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is situated in the Pilibhit district and Shahjahanpur District of Uttar Pradesh, forming part of the Terai Arc Landscape, in the upper Gangetic Plain Biogeographic Province. Some rivers originate from the reserve, which is also the catchment of several others like Sharda, Chuka and Mala, Khannot. The habitat is characterised by Sal Forests, tall grasslands and swamp maintained by periodic flooding from rivers. The Sharda Sagar Dam extending up to a length of 22 km (14 mi) is on the boundary of the reserve. It lies along the India-Nepal border in the foothills of the Himalayas and the plains of the Terai in Uttar Pradesh. It is part of the Terai Arc Landscape. It is one of India’s 51 Project Tiger Tiger reserves.


  • Gauri Shankar Temple

    This temple is 250 years old. This is situated in Mohalla KHAKHRA at banks of rivers DEVHA & KHAKHRA. It is said that the fore fathers of PUJARI Pandit Har Prasad came to this place with other saints. There was a jungle at that time. He dreamt in the night that Bhagwan Shankar is here, in the morning he saw the moorti of SHANKAR BHAGWAN. Gradually a temple was built. Every year a fair is organised here on the occasions of SHIVRATRI, RAKSHA BANDHAN and on every Monday of SHRAVAN MAS. A dharamshala is situated at the outer side of the temple, which was donated by Dwarika Das Banjara. There are two big entry gates at the Eastern and Southern side of the Temple. These gates were built by Hafiz Rahmat Khan.


  • Raja Venu ka Teela

    In the Puranpur Tehsil of District Pilibhit, one KM away from railway station Shahgarh one TEELA is situated. There was a MAHAL of Raja Venu at this teela. Ruins are there nowadays. A very big well and ruins tells the story of how flourishing the King was at that time.


  • Dargah Hazrat Shah Mohammad Sher Mian

    In the northern side of the city of Pilibhit a dargah of Hazrat Kibla Haji Shah Ji Mohammad Sher Mian Sahib Rahmat Ullah Aleh is situated. People travel from other states and countries to take the blessing of Hazrat Shah ji mian. It is also said that offering a Chadar at the dargah is fruitful to the people. The dargah has become a place of social harmony as people of various religions come here to offer their faith.


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