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Know About Gorakhpur, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Gorakhpur with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking in Gorakhpur

Know About Gorakhpur

Know About Gorakhpur City, MrCabby offers Cab Hire services in Gorakhpur with Driver, Tourist Places by Taxi Booking


Know about Gorakhpur City:

Gorakhpur has its own cultural and historical importance. It is the birthplace of Firaq Gorakhpuri, workplace of writer Sh. Munshi Premchand and mystic poet Kabirdas. Associated with Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahavir, Martyr Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil, Bandhu Singh and many more. Gorakhpur was a part of the famous kingdom of Koshal, one of sixteen mahajanapadas in 6th Century B.C. The earliest known monarch ruling over this region with his capital at Ayodhya was IKSVAKU, who founded the solar dynasty of Kshatriya. The ancient Gorakhpur, in addition to modern, comprised the districts of Basti, Deoria, Azamgarh and parts of Nepal terai. The region, called Gorakhpur Janpad, had been an important centre of Aryan culture and civilization. The first collector of Gorakhpur district was Mr. Routledge. In 1829, Gorakhpur was made the headquarters of a Division of the same name, comprising the districts of Gorakhpur, Ghazipur and Azamgarh. Mr. R.M. Biad was first appointed Commissioner.


Places to visit in Gorakhpur By Hire cab with MrCabby:



  • Places to Visit in Gorakhpur

    Gorakhpur has been the land of ancient glory and mediaeval mysticism. It is endowed with magnificent monuments / temples of attraction. Gorakhnath Temple , Vishnu Temple, Geeta Vatika, Arogya Mandir, Gita Press and Gita Vatika are the famous places any tourist would like to visit. There are many parks in the city  with greenery  and is populated in the  morning by morning walkers. The water park – Neer Nikunj is the attraction for  children and students  as they enjoy and can spend hours in the parks  for picnics,  other parks like Govt. Vindhyavasini Park, Indira Bal Vihar, Kusumhi Vinod Van, Premchand Park , Nehru Entertainment Park, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park is also visited by people.




  • Gorakhnath Temple

    Gorakhpur takes its name from Gorakhnath, who was a saint and travelled widely across India and authored a number of texts that form a part of the canon of Nath Sampradaya. The Gorakhnath Math is a temple of the Nath monastic group of the Nath tradition. The Nath tradition was founded by guru Matsyendranath. This math is situated in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh within a large premises. The temple performs various cultural and social activities and serves as the cultural hub of the city.




  • Kapilvastu

    Kapilvastu district is one of the districts of Province No. 5, Nepal. The district, with Kapilvastu municipality as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,738 square kilometres (671 sq mi) and in 2001 had a population of 481,976, which increased to 571,936 in 2011. Relics of Buddha found during excavation at Kapilvastu Stupa at Kapilvastu 97 Km. north of Gorakhpur, on the state highway-1A, Kapilvastu is now being developed as an International Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre. Here, Lord Buddha spent 29 years of his early life. There is a big stupa, from where the relics of Buddha were discovered during excavations. Ruins of monasteries & palaces can be seen at Ganvaria. Also, there are some other historical religious places of worship, the shivling, Narahi, Kubernath and Palta Devi are temples of attraction. Narahi temple is dedicated to Surya, the Sun god and built on the pattern of Konark Style.




  • Kushinagar

    Kushinagar is an international tourist place closely associated with the legendary Lord Buddha, Founder of Buddhism . It is one of the four sacred places of Lord Buddha. Buddha delivered his last sermon, attainedMahaparinirvana (salvation) in 483 BC and was cremated at Ramabhar Stupa. The reclining nirvana statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple is 6.10 mt. long and is made of monolith red-sandstone of the 5th century A.D. It represents the ‘Dying-Buddha’ reclining on his right side with his face towards the west. Being the death- place of Lord Buddha, it is a holy place for pilgrimage. Indo-Japanese Temple, Burmeses Temple, Chinese Temple, Thai Temple, Korean, SriLankan, Tibettan temples, 15 Acres Meditation Park, Museum are the other attractions at Kushinagar.




  • Lumbini

    Siddhartha Gautama, the Lord Buddha, was born in 623 B.C. in the famous gardens of Lumbini, which soon became a place of pilgrimage. Among the pilgrims was the Indian emperor Ashoka, who erected one of his commemorative inscribed Ashoka pillars there. The inscription on the pillar is the oldest in Nepal. An important site for history lovers and Buddhists, the site is one of the most visited sites in Nepal. Bodhi Tree, Lumbini is a tree covered in prayer flags situated just beside the pond. People come here to make wishes in hope of them becoming true. They tie a flag around the tree per wish. The place is very peaceful and people generally do meditation there. Mayadevi Pond, Situated inside the Maya devi temple complex, is the place where Buddha’s mother used to take bath before giving him birth. It is also believed that the first bath of Siddhartha Gautama also took place here. Lumbini Museum Displays artefacts from Mauryan and Kushan periods. The museum possess religious manuscripts, metal sculptures and stamps from all over the world depicting Lumbini. Lumbini International Research Institute (LIRI), located opposite the Lumbini Museum, provides research facilities for the study of Buddhism and religion in general.



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